EKSEPTION, the iconic boutique of luxury firms, will dedicate its second location based in Marqués de la Ensenada 2, to those brands and designers that embrace responsible consumption. 

Firms that have worked from their responsibility as a company to reduce their ecological impact, preserve craft trades and take care of the environment already represented a fundamental part of their brand selection, but with the need to go a step further, these brands will already have their own space, that's how EKSEPTION 2 is born that will bring all of them together.

The venue, a transparent temple that lets all light pass through, will join together not only fashion but also natural cosmetic brands, imperishable home objects such as the highest quality ceramics and blankets and any product whose history makes it worthy of this space. . The upper floor will be dedicated to second-hand vintage pieces with the aim of giving them a new life maintaing the outlet for the Velázquez 28 collections.

Céline Beteinber, owner and creative director of EKSEPTION afirms: “We want to give a space to this generation of designers  who know that there are other  possible paths and are looking for them. Our aim is to contribute to promoting more responsible, reduced and lasting consumption, something that we consider very necessary at the moment ".

EKSEPTION launches this new project under the firm belief that it is time for change, to produce less but better, to return to the natural rhythm of the seasons, to give value and meaning to what we do. This is the raison d'être of EKSEPTION 2.
Among the selection of EKSEPTION 2 brands we can find Mara Hoffman, PLAN C, Lauren Manoogian, Cristaseya, Nanushka, Baserange, Veja, Denis Colomb, Muuñ, Palorosa, Raquel Allegra, Nuori, Incausa and Marine Serre. All of them have managed to create modern collections, taking care of their materials, their manufacturing process and their equipment, betting on two unique collections a year as  winter arrives in September and summer in March.