Bottega Veneta Pre Fall 2020 collection is attitude, shape and colour.

Bold shades. Instant pleasure:

The cool rush of a swimming pool.

The satisfying ‘pop’ of bubble gum.

The confidence of a bright red lip.

Inky black and storm.

Cold metal and sequins warm against the skin.

Supple leather and weightless nylon present

an elevated understanding of ease and comfort. 

Taking life as it comes. 

Tactile materials revel in the tension

between strength and vulnerability.

Soft, gentle and intensely durable. 

Innovative technique lies at the heart of every piece.

As our journey through colour continues,

fizzy sherbet and mellow treacle tones

 burst through subtle plaster and putty. 

Woven forms evolve.

Fringe and glimpses of skin celebrate sensuality.

Strong. Confident. Free. 

Powerful boots are soled with colour,

as the House’s emblematic Intrecciato

finds rebellious new life in ready-to-wear. 

Enter an idealistic and elevated wardrobe, made to wear every day.